Specialty Products


Cedar Baking Planks

Our Cedar planks are obtained from sustainable sources and select cut to optimize flavor.

Excellent for preparing salmon, our single-use planks also work wonders with steaks, poultry and vegetables. Containing no additional flavorings the natural wood planks infuse fish fillets and steaks with a light smoke flavor while retaining moisture.

To use our cedar planks, soak the plank for 1-2 hours. Then arrange your ingredients over a presoaked, preheated plank, cover and grill. Your foods will emerge with a pleasant smokey tang.


Cedar Mouldings

Manufactured on site by Ridge Cedar

We have a large variety of Cedar mouldings to choose from.
We also custom mill Moulding and Dressing to any and all sizes.


Cedar Lattice

Manufactured on site by Ridge Cedar

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Waska Pre-Finished Shingles

We have a large variety of Waska Shingles to choose from.

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Foxmill 100% Natural Linox Oil

Natural Preserver. Certified Organic

 We can provide you with several species of specialty hardwoods